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AiQ Synertial Announces a New Dealer

Global leader in inertial motion capture AiQ Synertial is delighted to announce our new partnership with Alliance International, the India-based medical and research industries specialist. Serving their sectors since 2003, Alliance International will bring the G6 range to the Indian market, breaking new ground for us and creating a transglobal association between our two companies.

We are especially pleased to be working with a company whose goals include entering the sports market, as the G6 has been developed and built in part to advance the sporting and sports science environments. Alliance International were attracted by the range’s ability to deliver a level of precision that allows accurate, reliable capture of subtle movements, thanks to the highest sensor specification in the industry coupled with AiQ Synertial’s proven legacy of practical, real-world implementation. Alliance International intend to commence the collaboration with a focus on cricket.

Alliance International will be attending the World Congress on Science and Medicine in Cricket on 3 rd November 2023 in Chandigarh, India.

Logo of Alliance International with AiQSynertial


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