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  • 16 sensor, 4K deg/sec gyros, patent-pending 15 axis sensor

  • Raw data

  • Ambidextrous, adjustable Glove sizes

Total Body Capture

  • Full body mocap (including fingers)

  • No occlusion/marker swapping

  • Spare channels for prop

Industry 4.0 Compatible

  • Wired and wireless Gloves

  • Offline licensing

  • Siemens PSH/Jack ready

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Synchronise& Connect

  • HTC-Vive and GPS tracking

  • Tagging during capture

  • Sync videos SW

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Factory Ready

  • Magnetic interference compensation

  • USB/WiFi or iOS/Android

  • Quick setup

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Siemens Packages

Synertial have worked with the Siemens Jack and PSH plugin development team since 2011. We support Siemens customers to use:
  • Our Gloves to validate designs in PSH-VR using HTC-VIVE
  • Our Gloved Suits to tap into Jack ergonomics inside cars
  • All possible aspects of manual operations with Jack or PSH

We use secure licensing in no-wireless areas, and our products are magnetics-ready.

Ask us to tell you more about PSH.
Download full specifications for Industry 4.0 uses. 

Robotics Packages

Our 16-sensor Gloves are ideal for robotics researchers. High accuracy IMUs coupled with clean, repeatable and quick calibrations ensures impeccable data. 

So, when Apple R&D in Israel needed the most accurate glove in the world, they chose Synertial.

Is your project in need of high accuracy motion capture? 

Send a question to our Glove mocap experts.
Download full specifications for Industry 4.0 uses. 
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