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G6 MOCAPSUIT | Motion Capture Suits With GPS | AiQ Synertial


4K Gyros

  • Patent-pending 15 axis sensors

  • 4000 deg/sec gyros

  • Sensor-based vibration feedback

On Field Capture

  • No need for a laptop

  • Capture essential data using your phone as WiFi access point


  • Simplified data analysis

  •  Compatible with internationally -recognised nomenclature from the International Society of Biomechanics

Expanded Data

  • On-body GPS and ECG

  • Collect the data essential to understanding athletic performance

Smart Clothing

  • Second-skin fabrics

  •  Fully machine washable including sensors

  •  Consistent spine and clavicle capture


  • Default 200 FPS

  • G6 enables you to capture the nuances of even the fastest 


Sports Packages

Synertial’s G6 18-sensor body-only System breaks new ground with a raft of innovative options including:
  • Pincer or other Glove from our range, GPS, heart rate monitor, vibration interaction, LCD wristband monitor, plus new iOS &Android apps to review and tag during outdoor sessions.
  • Capture essential data that's always been out of reach: on the baseball pitch, cricket grounds, track and fields, golf range, ski run, mountain climb, cycle route and more...
  • With default 200+ FPS speeds and the iOS/Android, take the Sports Motion Capture Suit anywhere and hit the finish line with 3D data fit to be analysed and synced to video.

    Ready? We can make it happen.
Discover why Red Bull chose Synertial when they needed motion capture wetsuits for their top surfers - Olympic gold medallist included.
Download full specifications for Sports uses. 

Life Sciences

Synertial have developed the world’s best inertial sensors. Added to our established robust kinematics infrastructure (configurable skeletons and calibration methods, raw data access, multi-system sync systems and optical hybrid technologies), we guarantee exceptional accuracy. Perfect for life science research. 


Quebec University (Montreal and Sherbrooke campuses) conducted a dyskinesia study requiring mocap suits with the capability for calibrations on wheelchairs, altering and adding sensor placement, and - most importantly - featuring easy ingress/egress. They chose five of our systems.


Meco Technologies in Taiwan chose our G6 technologies when they needed the most accurate inertial mocap system for in-home physiotherapy.


Why? Because our wireless IMU with 4K gyro is revolutionising mocap.


Call us to discuss how we can help you.

Download full specifications for Sports uses. 
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