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  • All suits and gloves use 4K deg/sec gyros

  • No-drift on rapid motions

  • Compatible with optical root and HTC Vive hybrid

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Finger Capture

  • New 8-sensor Gloves with 3 sensors on thumb

  • Synced full body and finger capture

  • Up to 16-sensor Gloves 

Simple Pipelines

  • Sync timestamps to Motive and Shogun rigs

  • Real time plugins: Unreal, Unity, MoBu, Siemens, MIDI

  • Minimal/no data cleaning

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Smart Capture

  • Default capture at 200FPS

  • iOS/Android apps to capture outdoors

  • Magnetic interference compensation

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  • Quick start-up, re-start and warm-up

  • Calibration jig for fingers

  • Separate Suit and Glove calibration

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Animation Packages

Dreams move fast. Express them with the next generation of mocap.

Doubling previous capture fidelity, this is technology to take animation off the drawing board and into the world of inspiration and imagination. Integrating IOS and Android apps as standard and including real-time plugins to sync with optical systems, the next generation of mocap suits are surprisingly affordable, effortlessly useable.

If you’ve got the vision, we’ve got the mocap to bring it to life.

Get in touch to find out why AAA game studios and animation houses choose Synertial.
Download full specifications for Animation uses. 
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