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Revolutionary motion capture for animation at SIGGRAPH 2023

AiQ Synertial are delighted to be attending this year’s SIGGRAPH, where we’ll be demonstrating the hotly-anticipated G6 range of mocap suits and gloves.

We’re a tech company who know that the creative vision moves fast.

The G6 was created to bridge the gap between imagination and screen by combining the highest sensor specification currently available with patent-pending inertial measurement units, delivering astonishing nuance, precision and speed. 15-axis IMUs capable of measuring 4000 degrees of rotation per second allow the G6 to capture even the most subtle movements – accurately and reliably.

The G6’s sophistication and subtlety enable tremendously detailed, lifelike animation. It features real-time plugins (Unreal, Unity, MoBu), the capacity to sync timestamps to Motive and Shogun rigs, and is compatible with optical root and HTC Vive hybrids. It generates minimal to no data cleaning requirements, producing simple, straightforward pipelines: a plug-and-play compatibility that’s perfect for the animation industry. With the G6, AiQ Synertial are building upon our legacy of work with a host of university game development departments, game and animation studios including Rockstar North and Ubisoft, as well as the BBC and Sky TV’s production department.

Animation has come a long way from the days of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, evolving alongside the technology that makes it possible. If you’ve got the vision, we’ve got the mocap to bring it to life - get in touch with us to book your private demo of the G6 at SIGGRAPH.


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