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Global Motion Capture Innovators AiQ Synertial Forge Strategic Dealership with Samwell Testing Inc.

Brighton, UK, January 2024: In the wake of the successful global launch of its groundbreaking line of full-body motion capture suits and gloves, mocap innovators AiQ Synertial are delighted to announce a recently-approved distributor relationship with comprehensive solutions provider Samwell Testing Inc.

Based in Taiwan and operating across a range of sectors including electronics, manufacturing and engineering, and specialising in sports, health and medical care and measurement, Samwell Testing Inc has over two decades of experience in integrated motion analysis systems and has provided successful turnkey solutions to thousands of clients across the world.

With a shared commitment to excellence and a focus on driving technological advancements, AiQ Synertial and Samwell’s relationship exemplifies global technological alliances in the contemporary world, and will mutually benefit both companies and their clients. As an authorised distributor of AiQ Synertial’s innovative mocap products, Samwell will consolidate their market share in multiple sectors, building on their current connections within smart health care with particular reference to the elderly, occupational health and safety and health promotions.

Key highlights of the partnership include:

  • Expanded market reach: the collaboration enables AiQ Synertial to deploy Samwell’s existing network and reach a broader audience, expanding market penetration and understanding.

  •  Enhanced customer experience: Samwell will have the capability to harness AiQ Synertial’s extensive mocap technology expertise for their clients’ benefit.

  •  Joint marketing initiatives: the partnership will be bolstered by joint marketing efforts, showcasing the synergy between AiQ Synertial and Samwell and highlighting the unique value proposition brought by modern global alliances within the tech sectors.

  •  Shared best practice: it’s hoped that the development will usher in a new era of elevated business practice between AiQ Synertial and Samwell with special reference to the mocap sector.


Mr Wu, Samwell Testing Inc’s Engineering Services Manager, expressed his excitement about this development:

“It’s an honour to work with AiQ Synertial. We consider their smart suit and motion analysis to be a vital tool for health care, sport science and industry 4.0 processes, and we’re eager to get started

with our plans.”

As AiQ Synertial continues to lead the way in the mocap sector, the collaboration with Samwell Testing Inc underscores their commitment to driving relentless innovation and bringing unparalleled solutions to market. For more information, please see


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