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AiQ Synertial are delighted to be attending this year’s IT2EC

The G6 range is a groundbreaking line of full-body motion capture suits and gloves that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with mocap. Featuring the highest sensor specification in the mocap industry and patent-pending inertial measurement units, the products are defined by their precision, accuracy and reliability.

AiQ Synertial’s history of close collaboration with Siemens Jack and PSH development teams ensures that the G6 range is compatible with all leading Siemens PLM software, as well as multiple plug-ins including Unity, UE4 and MoBu. This congruity allows users to harness motion capture data’s full potential, streamlining your workflow and enhancing training, maintenance, and design processes across multiple Industry 4.0 sectors.

Watch this short video to see the G6’s exceptional capture speed and seamless Integration capacities:


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