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AiQS Motion Capture Products

Our 4th and 5th generation of motion capture systems includes full body suits and finger capture gloves so that you have the right combination of equipment to capture the perfect data for your project.

Exo-Glove, The Glove-less Gloves That Free Users Fingers During Mocap With Rings Instead Of Cloth - Find Out More

The 8-sensor finger capture system that comes packaged with all the features and plugins you need.

G5 Mocap Suits With GPS & Comfortable, Machine Washable, Crease-free Fabrics For Sports & Animation Mocap - Find Out More

A 17-sensor affordable and easy-to-use full body system that comes with pincers for finger capture.

Cobra Motion Capture Gloves. High-End Gloves With 7, 13 or 16 Sensors, For Unsurpassed Precision - Find Out More

7, 13, and 16-sensor pair of gloves available as wired and WiFi system for detailed and custom finger data capture.

G4 Mocap Suits - First Ever Opto-inertial Motion Capture Suit That Can Be Custom Made With Up To 56 Sensors - Find Out More

The premium and customisable 17-sensor Motion Capture system that can be extended with the Cobra Gloves for a complete, detailed, and smooth data capture experience.

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