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ITSEC 2023: Your invite to the global launch of new mocap product

You know that the paradigm shift within design, monitoring and optimisation of industrial processes and industries is generating a need for products that allow you to keep abreast of the changes. Worldwide leader in motion capture technology AiQ Synertial is delighted be showing at ITSEC, where we’ll be launching our highly-anticipated new product range created for this purpose – and offering you the opportunity to explore its specific applications to your sector.

The G6 range is a groundbreaking line of full-body motion capture suits and gloves that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with mocap. Featuring the highest sensor specification in the mocap industry and patent-pending inertial measurement units, these are products defined by their precision and factory-ready, plug-and-play compatibility.

AiQ Synertial have worked with the Siemens Jack and PSH plugin development team since 2011 - so the G6 range is compatible with all leading Siemens PLM software, as well as multiple plug-ins including Unity, UE4 and MoBu. This congruity allows you to harness motion capture’s full potential, streamlining your workflow and enhancing training, maintenance, and design processes in settings such as yours.

The G6 sets a new industry benchmark for precision and versatility. It will open up endless new possibilities for your industry. For more information about the product range and to explore its applications, please visit us at this year’s ITSEC, booth 427.


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