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Here Ali takes a production model out of the box for the first time. From unboxing all the content to selecting the best rings, to assembling, ingressing and powering up, all the way to getting the all clear, blinking blue light, all covered inside 22 minutes.

What to do once SynDash automatically finds the Exo-Glove

Quick video to capture nature of the two poses necessary on either side of the calibration process.

Once your SteamVR shows an active Vive Puck, it will also show up inside SynDash and here’s how you need to connect the Puck in the scene to your inertial hand.

Some bones rotations are interpolated and this video shows how to scale a sample interpolation value.

Showing how to change the local axes on a sample joint.

How to install Bluetooth dongle


PDF of Step by step instructions on how to run AiQBT 4.40 and Synshow 4.40

After installing the BT dongle, you will be able to run the Exo-Glove via Bluetooth using the AiQBT PC software and this video shows how to do so.

This tutorial shows how to change the Exo-Glove's WiFi SSID while it is operating via Bluetooth.

This tutorial shows how to change the SK file of an existing .sr recording.

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