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COBRA GLOVES High-End Gloves for Robotics, Animation, Virtual Reality, Medical and Bio-mechanics Research

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7, 13 & 16-Sensor Models

Cobra Gloves With 7, 13 & 16-Sensor Models With Detachable Electronics; Change Sizes, Change Sides, In Minutes
Cobra Glove Clients - Kubold - This Is Exactly What I Was Looking For When Buying Your Gloves. This Is Really Really Good...

Can be used inside cloth gloves like other gloves in the market

Cobra Gloves Can Be Used Inside Cloth Gloves Or Customised With Sensors Taped Straight On The Fingers For Ultimate Accuracy

.. or customised with sensors taped straight on the fingers for ultimate accuracy.

  • Detachable electronics; change sizes, change sides, in minutes

  • Timestamp sync for 3rd party hardware (Vicon, Optitrack, X-sens)

  • User-set interpolation values for ANY of the 27 hands bones (individual axes)

  • Instant calibration (configurable calibration poses)

  • Pinkie and ring metacarpal sensors (Palm Flex)

  • Saved Data includes un-fused motion AND modifiable skeleton structures

  • Modify skeleton files after recording, reprocess and export new data

  • Create accurate hand skeletons using an office scanner

  • Proprietary calibration Jigs for critical or fool-proof calibration

  • First choice for high-end bio-mechanics, robotics and animation applications

  • Hot-swap power source transfer

  • Occlusion free

Cobra 7-Sensor Gloves - Lets User Scale ALL Interpolations, Each Axis Independently & Save It To A 'Skeleton File' For Later

7-Sensor  Gloves

User-configured interpolation for all the phalanges, except 7 which have their own sensors. Cobra lets the user scale ALL interpolations, each axis independently and save it to a 'Skeleton File' for later.

Cobra 13-Sensor Gloves - Satisfying Most Applications, Except When The Fingertips Are Forced Back (Holding A Pencil To Write)

13-Sensor  Gloves

These models only leave the finger tips (distal phalanges) for interpolation.  The 13-Sensor glove is an all-rounder, satisfying most applications, except when the fingertips are forced back (holding a pencil to write with).

Cobra 16-Sensor Gloves - Fingertips Have Their Own Sensors, Except Pinkie. Most Accurate, Professional Beast In The Market

16-Sensor  Gloves

Fingertips have their own sensors, except for the pinkie fingertip. Most accurate, professional beast in the market.

See Our More Affordable One-Size Fits-All Sister Product: Exo-Glove
Palm Flex Sensors​​​ - 13 And 16-Sensor Gloves Include A Palm-flex Sensor For Greater Accuracy - Cobra Gloves

Palm Flex Sensors​​​

13 and 16-sensor gloves include a palm-flex sensor for greater accuracy.

Cobra Gloves - Sync with Optical Rigs​ - Manage up to four pairs of gloves per PC & Trigger Start/Stop From Shogun/Motive

Sync with Optical Rigs​

- Manage up to four pairs of gloves per PC

- Trigger Start/Stop from Shogun/Motive

- Auto save and pre-session naming 

- Time-stamped files

Exo-Gloves - AiQS Calibration ​Jigs - Design Your Own Calibration Jig & Use Jigs For Repeatable Results
Cobra Gloves - AiQS Calibration ​Jigs - Design Your Own Calibration Jig & Modify Skeleton Around The Jig

AiQS Calibration ​Jigs

- Design your own calibration Jig

- Use jigs for repeatable results

- Modify skeleton around the jig

Smart Calibration Pipeline

- Design your own calibration procedure

- 2-step Calibration in 4 to 5 seconds

- Switch procedure in seconds

Cobra Gloves - Phalanx Length Measurement​ - Use An Ordinary Scanner - Load Touch Up With Drag & Drop Feature

Phalanx Length Measurement​

- Use an ordinary scanner

- Export A4 size scan file in .png

- Load touch up with Drag & Drop feature

AiQ Synertial Clients Include, BBC, NASA, FORD, Red Bull, Walt Disney Pictures, Europa Park, Kings College London, And More
AiQ Synertial Clients Include, Sky, SKODA, Samsung, Yamaha, Honda, Toyota, Sea Life, Siemens, Sony, And More

13-Sensor Cobra Gloves with Vive Pucks

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