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Mocapsuit and Synertial Vive plugin Now for sale!

1st August 2017

Synertial has published the list of new products and retail prices for their latest professional motion capture systems.


The new Opto-inertial hybrid Mocapsuit is the first of its kind to integrate the HTC-Vive for supplying its No-Drift feature. The No-Drift feature makes Mocapsuit an ideal performance capture system for the smaller professional  motion capture studios.


“We combined Synertial’s accurate body and finger mocap technology with the positional accuracy that the HTC-Vive & SteamVR provide to make Mocapsuit magic,” said Peter Skorik, Ph.D., Synertial Product line Manager.


Mocapsuits are not cheap (hybrid, suit, fingers and Vive plugin, starting at $24 to $26K), especially when compared with the many inertial systems in the market like Xsens, Perception Neuron, Shadow, Rokoko and host of others, but the competition is yet to offer a fully operational finger motion capture solution or one that works. They offer shabby data (except Xsens who has no finger motion capture), that leave professionals hesitant in adopting inertial systems.


Mocapsuit is the first finger, body, prop, location accurate motion capture system, all on one data stream, one file output, ideal for performance capture by smaller studios.


Email Sales@synertial.com if you like to know more details


The other group in the new product line are the Cobra finger motion capture systems, that also command best-in-class prices, and the list of owners to date who have paid the high prices is a testament to uniqueness of the features that these very accurate finger motion capture systems offer.


Peripherals for the Cobra gloves include automated scanning tool to extract hand skeleton measurements and the SynDash Skeleton Editor for managing all types of factors important to accurate data.


Another important finger motion capture product is the SynSync system SW/HW which is indispensable for motion capture studios running Vicon, Motion Analysis, or Optitrack motion capture systems who would be interested in a pre-solved finger motion capture data that has ‘Frame Perfect’ sync system, with matching file names and first frame timestamps to make data management easy.

There is an educational discount, set at 10%, as well as 2 and 3 years extended HW warranties as well as SW updates.

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