Sports Mocapsuit

Especially designed for sports sciences

  • Especially designed for sports sciences

  • Robust tried and tested OS

  • Amazing low-energy almost invisible electronics

  • Accuracy through sensors, smart clothing and

  • SW tools for easy skeleton file creation

  • Machine wash with sensors, no dryers

  • Use Android for data collection

  • Use PC to cut the data into desired

  • sequences for export or analysis

  • Use PC to render sequences into

  • 2D video for export and share online

  • SDK with sample code

Ultimate Sports Analysis

sports capture data

Full Body Suit arms and legs 3 each, head, ribcage, pelvis, R&L clavicles, 17 in all
2nd Skin Cloth comfortable, crease-free, designed to leave on for hours
Tiny low-energy sensors, WiFi Bluetooth Hub, tiny batteries last 2+ hours
Android device to manage local data collection at 180 fps w/ PC download tools
PC SW tools to crop & collate downloads into smaller files for analysis or export
PC SW tools to create or edit user skeleton map for accurate data
PC SW tools to Visualize Biomechanical Dynamics for analysis
PC SW tools to render customized 2D video Exports from the 3D data
Change Avatars & motions at will for Export
HTC-Vive ready integrate Vive for no-drift sessions
Machine Wash with the sensors on

Super flexible 2nd Skin

•Fully hand or machine wash leaving sensors on
•Super-stretchy material ideal for intensive exercise
•Up to 24 built-in fast-tracking sensors
•Size options for best fit
•Low profile / skin tight



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