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G5 MOCAPSUIT Ultimate Motion Capture Suit With Pincer Gloves in One Data Stream, for Animation, Sports and Bio-mechanics

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G5 For ON-FIELD Sports Mocap

  • Android Manages Capture, No Laptops,

  • No Wireless, No Dropped Frames, 120 fps

  • Comfortable, Crease-free Fabrics for Sports & Animation

  • Bio-Mechanical and Kinematics Analysis Modes

  • Improve User Skeleton Files AFTER Data Capture & Re-Fuse

  • Load & Sync Video into Mocap Data for Split-Screen Analysis

  • ​HTC-Vive Trackers can be Used for Positioning Indoors

G5 MOCAPSUIT - The Motion Capture Suit With GPS & Pincer Gloves, For Animation, Sports And Bio-mechanics

Video Sync & Tagging

See how Reference Video is used in our sports capture. Ideal for coaches who already are accustomed to video capture, and now can have the 3D Analysis to go with it.

Coaches can dissect manoeuvres with 'tags' and then analyse components independently.

Super flexible 2nd Skin

  • Up to 24 built-in sensors

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and batteries in Low-Profile

  • Size options for best skin-tight fit

  • Stretchy material ideal for intensive exercise

Sports Mocap Suit Has Super Flexible 2nd Skin Fabric Ideal For Intensive Exercise, With Size Options For Best Skin-tight Fit

Pincer Gloves

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G5 For Character Animation Mocap

  • 3-Sensor Pincer Gloves Included!

  • 2 Pincers & Suit Steam on 1 Device, Save 1 File

  • User Skeleton Parameter Extraction Tools for Body & Hand

  • Easy Editing Fingers & Limbs Before Exporting to FBX or BVH

  • Modify Skeleton AFTER Motion Capture in Post

  • Calibration Jig for Fingers and Arms for Accuracy

  • Go in & out of Vive Space in Same Take

  • Our 27 Years of Experience in Realtime Mo-Cap at Your Service

Wash G5 MOCAPSUIT With Sensors - 27 Years Of Experience In Realtime Mo-Cap At Your Service
G5 Mocapsuit Clients - Puppeteers - Anim Studio Like Ours is Full Of Digital Artists So We Asked Synertial To Save The Day...


Standard G5 & Pincer Gloves Data in one File, in BVH, FBX and Positional CSV. The Data Has Not Been Modified, These Samples Are RAW Data Outputs.

AiQ Synertial Clients Include, BBC, NASA, FORD, Red Bull, Walt Disney Pictures, Europa Park, Kings College London, And More
AiQ Synertial Clients Include, Sky, SKODA, Samsung, Yamaha, Honda, Toyota, Sea Life, Siemens, Sony, And More

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