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TECNOMATIX PLUGINS - Siemens JACK & PSH-VR For Ergonomics & Design Validation Applications

AiQ Synertial's supplies the biggest global names in medical, manufacturing and defense industries. 


“Synertial was able to work with us to provide a motion capture system that can be used to capture actual workers on the production line, not just training simulations in the lab. Streaming real-time movement data into Siemens JACK saves Skoda time and money as we no longer require specialists to create JACK animations”. Peter Skorik: Former Project Lead at Skoda.

Siemens Jack (and PSH) is the Digital Factory gold standard


for Human Factors Engineering (HFE) & ergonomics simulation products; Synertial's exact skeleton extraction and kinematics modelling systems allow the most accurate and seamless motion implementation available for the Jack package.

AiQ Synertial's motion capture suits are compatible with Siemens JACK and PSH.


Manufacturing companies in a variety of industries are addressing the ergonomic aspects of manual operations during early stages of product design and manufacturing planning, using AiQ Synertial's motion capture suits.

Magnetic Compensation Algorithms

New magnetic compensation algorithms in AiQ Synertial's operating software allows motion capture to take place in industrial or metallic environments. Our inertial motion capture suits have a significant advantage over optical systems in manufacturing, as well as health and safety applications.


AiQ Synertial systems, when used with JACK or PSH, enable you to improve the safety, efficiency and comfort of the workplace environment using digital models

AiQ Synertial, motion capture systems improve safety, efficiency & comfort of the workplace environment using digital models
Logos - Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Daimler & Ford using AiQ Synertial Motion Capture Systems


Motion Capture and Ergonomics at the Workplace

One of the key requirements in the production field today is to make the workplace as suitable for employees as possible without compromising production efficiency. 

This is mostly based on the rising cost of any workforce as well as the strict legislative policies in most countries. 
It is quite logical that companies today reflect these realities by enhancing their workplace ergonomics.


The traditional approach based on broad experience and systematic work cannot be replaced, but as technology goes further, there are new ways to make the pipeline faster and to improve workforce efficiency through ergonomic optimisation. Critically, this approach can allow for increased efficiency of lesser experienced workers.

The new approach is dealing with ergonomics using digital factory tools, implementing motion capture as the motion data source.


Many companies are implementing this process already, such as Skoda, Hyundai, Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, with countless more to follow.

The most advanced solutions in the field of digital factory and ergonomics comes from Siemens (Jack, Process Simulate Human) and Dassault Systems (Delmia V5 Human, Catia V5).

We've modelled the factory, what next?

To fully analyse the ergonomic conditions at the workplace (using digital factory tools), one must model workers' movements. Even though most ergonomic tools are highly sophisticated, this task can become the most time-consuming in the whole optimisation process.

Expert estimations (and our own experience proves) states that it takes 4 hours to create just 1 minute of the workers' tasks! 
And this applies only for expert-users in particular ergonomic tools (Delmia or Siemens). This is not because the tool is hard to use, but because it takes some time to cover all human body degrees of freedom in order to compile natural-looking movements.

Meet AiQ Synertial's motion capture technologies


AiQ Synertial systems allow you to capture natural human motion in real-time. We've changed post-production too, from “4-hours of work for 1 minute of simulation” to a “few-minutes of capture for 1 minute of


In fact, with inertial motion capture systems, the post-processing is often not necessary and when it is, it is quicker and more reliable to re-record the motion in order to fix it.


Creating case studies are no longer problematic. It's now feasible to put material into a shelf (new shelf design virtually in laboratory or real one at the workplace), to analyse assembly tasks directly on the assembly line, to find out the visibility of workers while performing an assembly, or to analyse a car-driver seat adjustment in a real car interior...


Inertial motion capture systems are reliably simple to start.

The AiQ Synertial IGS 180i, it takes only a few minutes to put the suit on the worker, to turn on the wireless unit, and to calibrate the system in one click. You're now ready to begin.

With AiQ Synertial IGS systems, you can capture anywhere – they are light and comfortable, and work wireless with a battery that lasts a minimum of 2 hours. What's more, batteries are easily replaceable so spares can be swapped in.

What about the rest of the equipment?

At the other end, you need just one laptop and the supplied wireless router, which is also battery operated for maximum portability. As long as the suit remains within 30 metres of the router, the capture area is limitless!



AiQ Synertial has created the ultimate communication interface for the Siemens ergonomics software – Jack and Process Simulate Human for all AiQ Synertial motion capture systems. 
That means you are now able to see and analyse workers' natural motions from the real workplace, working on real tasks in real-time (offline replay is possible as well). 
This interface is called IGS Jack and together with EtherJack (SynDash sync tool). It allows you to operate the figure body (IGS 180i) together with fingers (IGS Glove) effectively. Interface for Dassault Systems – Delmia is also available. To list other options, Synertial provides drivers for: MotionBulider, Unity, and Unreal.

As a worldwide leader in inertial motion capture systems, AiQ Synertial provides a wide range of motion capture systems – 
from basic models (IGS 150) to high end “All body” (IGS 180i + 2 x IGS Glove) solutions.

With AiQ Synertial you shall receive a personal approach while consulting, designing, delivering and using your motion capture system.


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