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Synertial assists medical research on dyskinesia at Rutgers

3rd May 2018

Synertial are delighted to have assisted the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences at Rutgers University, New Jersey, in their medical research.

Professor Jean-Francois Daneault had previously experienced the unparalleled detail offered by Synertial motion capture solutions when studying dyskinesia in his post-graduate work at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

Dyskenesia is a movement disorder characterised by involuntary movements ranging from hand tremors and body tics to uncontrollable movements of the whole upper or lower body. 

Now at Rutgers, Professor Daneault needed a motion capture body suit and gloves with precision accuracy and super-high frame-rates in order to study and learn more about the condition. 

Rutgers placed an order for Synertial's most advanced motion capture body suit (MS-4900) and their 32-sensor gloves (CG-3200), which were delivered in April 2018. 

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