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Synertial wows Indian Industry with their Motion Capture Suit and new VR Glove

28 May 2018

In May, Synertial teamed up with Siemens India and Ranal Software to showcase the very latest developments in VR industrial applications at the Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore ‘Siemens PLM Connection 2018’.


Increasingly VR is being used in the industrial design process and using the new Cobra VR Glove, which plugs directly into the HTC VIVE headset, in conjunction with Siemens new PSH-VR module, technicians and designers alike were deeply immersed into virtual world settings, greatly aiding validation of any design tasks in PSH Tecnomatix.


As industries rely more and more on motion capture for a variety of applications, Synertial also showcased their Mocapsuit Motion Capture System. The Synertial Mocapsuit demonstrated precision motion capture in a variety of scenarios and hostile environments with flying colours, thanks to its Heavy-duty Magnetic Compensation System. The suit also shone when used in conjunction with the VR module in Siemens PSH Software.


Outside the PLM Connection engagements, Synertial held a workshop in Bangalore attended by several major Automotive OEMs (Maruti, Mahindra, VW, Ford and others) as well as the Indian Defence and Space Research Establishment, who



​were greatly impressed and Synertial continues to maintain its market-leading position for VR glove integration and precision motion capture.

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