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Installing the first Mocapsuit at Puppeteers in Dortmund , Germany. (Part 2)

27th October 2017 

Puppeteers GmbH has became the first animation house to use Vive trackers to refine their real-time skeletons to get superior quality mocap data.


The pioneering spirit of the Puppeteers (www.puppeteers.de ) shows once again, in how they have become the first commercial animation production concern that have adopted Synertial’s latest technology, real-time Mocapsuit skeleton fine-tuning using the HTC-Vive trackers, when


The Mocapsuit takes Synertial’s accurate gloves and suit and sticks them to one or more HTC-Vive Puck trackers. This has resulted in revolutionary way inertial systems can become almost as accurate as optical motion capture systems (and a great deal if they have an accurate finger motion capture system as well, ready for accurate performance capture data).


“As performance capture systems get more sophisticated, we have to find ways to make them simpler to use. Puppeteers are our typical client and they don’t have a mocap technician on their team -the system needs to be easy to get good data with,” said Ali Kord, Mocapsuit developer. “...we provide videos, pictograms, wall posters, and of course and good ‘ol fashioned customer hand-holding to make sure the Mocapsuit user is easily reminded of good habits and procedures that are conducive to getting better mocap data -painlessly”.


Peter Skorik, Synertial’s Product-Line Manager, insists: “... the solid 6DoF accuracy from the HTC-Vive, OpenVR-API and the SteamVR, and now a way to use them and the Vive Puck trackers to fine-tune skeletons greatly increases the percentage of takes that will need no post processing”.

Here is the blog on the first commercial Mocapsuit session where the real-time Mocapsuit skeleton was tuned using the HTC-Vive Puck trackers.

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