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Installing the first Mocapsuit at Puppeteers in Dortmund , Germany. (Part 1)

11th August 2017

The first Opto-inertial Mocapsuit was installed this week at Puppeteers GmbH, in Dortmund, Germany. Puppeteers create full turnkey 3D CG animated story telling projects for use in visual media ads or commercials and children’s programs with a heavy tilt on high-fidelity 3D characters, creating all the model in-house using Autodesk Maya as well as Autodesk MotionBuilder and other 3D modeling programs, (www.puppeteers.de).


Martin Becker, Puppeteers managing director, looked into the Vicon (www.vicon.com) and Optitrack (www.optitrack.com) systems to fulfil their performance capture needs and decided to go with the Opti-inertial hybrid Mocapsuit due to its high fidelity finger motion capture, as well as studio space constraints, back in January 2017. They had the system delivered even though the plugin for the HTC-Vive optical module of its hybrid wasn’t ready yet. They gathered experience with the suit-only part of the system, without its all important optical No-Drift feature.


Last week Synertial installed the first HTC-Vive HW and plugins at the Puppeteers location so now the accurate motion capture suit and accurate finger motion capture systems have added an accurate No-Drift module to make post production a lot easier.


“Accurate contact of various 3D objects inside an animated story is key to easy post-production and with HTC-Vive we make contacts more accurate all around, making post processing much easier for smaller studios without the full performance capture skill set”, said Gavin Latter, Support and installation Manager at Synertial, UK.


Jasmine Hengsbach, Motion Capture Supervisor at Puppeteers, has had no mocap experience until they installed the Mocapsuit, but she fears not. Synertial, in a continued effort to make Mocapsuit work for smaller studios, has planned a practice session onsite at Puppeteer with Jasmine and Ali Kord, the system developer, working together to fit the Mocapsuit capture pipeline into the present workflow and documenting the steps in large format laminated posters.

“We hang posters around the small motion capture studio to help inexperienced mocap operators feel more secure in knowing they have followed all the right steps in the pipeline. If you follow the process correctly, you get good performance capture results”, said Ali Kord.


A mock-up shoot day session is planned for the last week of October, which will be promptly reported after the session.


To be continued…

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