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We’re delighted to be able to give you this sneak peek into the simplicity and utility of AiQ Synertial’s G6 motion capture gloves

The G6's advanced technology facilitates incredibly intricate and realistic animation. You can see for yourself that its plugins plus streamlined workflows makes it the obvious choice for the gaming industry. Add precision, nuance, astonishing capture speed and minimal data cleaning and you can also see why we have a history of delivering fuss-free solutions across multiple sectors.


The G6’s plug-and-play compatibility and straightforward pipelines expands on AiQ Synertial’s legacy of collaboration. We’re proud to have worked with numerous university game development departments, game and animation studios including Rockstar North and Ubisoft.


From March 18-22, we’ll be showing at the gaming industry’s leading global event, GDC in San Francisco. Meet our team at Booth S1753 to find out why the G6 stands out as the top pick for gaming professionals, and to experience its exceptionally fast capture speed and seamless game engine integration for yourself.


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