AiQ Synertial and Red Bull Surfing

Updated: Apr 14

AiQ Synertial has teamed up with Red Bull, to capture motion data and other stats in extreme wet conditions. After much R&D the system has passed with flying colours. Yes, the world's most famous energy drink is taking over surfing. Red Bull is increasing the pressure on the conservative surf industry market.

Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Billabong and O'Neill. For more than two decades, these were the brands that we would traditionally see on the shelves of our local surf shops.

But the classic surfing oligopoly is quietly giving in. Small brands are growing, and the new generation of surfers is chasing new niche concepts, when it's time to buy surf wear, and surf gear.

Below a little Glimpse of a Pro-Surfer testing our latest G5 mocap sports edition...

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