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AiQS G5 Mocapsuit 2021 - The Motion Capture Suit for Animation, Sports and Bio-mechanics

Updated: May 2, 2021

G5 Mocapsuit by AiQ Synertial - is a 17-sensor IMU-based Motion Capture System with an option for 4-sensor ‘Pincer Gloves’. Synertial partnered with 'AiQ Smart Clothing' of Taiwan, in 2018, to integrate smart fabric technology into its suits reducing significant amounts of sensor artefacts. GPS enabled. Sports Motion capture models use an Andriod app to manage onboard recording to calibrate ‘later’ as well as live streams data via WiFi & Bluetooth. Compatible with Unity, UE4, MotionBuilder, Tecnomatix and MocapBeats software plugins. G5 has various 'Cobra' and 'Exo-Glove' options as well as an HTC-Vive plugin for root positioning inside a 6 x 6 meter capture space.

The G5 motion capture suit is versatile, you can add or remove features (software & hardware) to suit your needs and budget. Find out more about the G5 motion capture suit & other sports motion capture models.

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