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Installing the first Mocapsuit for industrial research at the University of Padova.

22nd September 2017

This week, the Department of Management and Engineering of the University of Padova at the Vicenza campus, was the first educational institution to get their Opto-inertial hybrid Mocapsuit installed and operational.


Professor Dr. Fabio Sgarbossa, Associate Professor of Logistics and Industrial Facilities had worked closely with Ali Kord, Mocapsuit and Synertial Cobra finger motion capture system developer, to install one of the first 2nd generation Synertial body and finger motion capture solutions, IGS-270, at their lab in 2012. They used the IGS-270 in conjunction with Siemens Tecnomatix Jack and PSH PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Software tools, to assist in various types of research into human factors of ‘warehousing and logistics’.


Understanding well how the new features of the opto-inertial Mocapsuit could get around 2 main issues Sgarbossa had with the IGS-270, drifting root (always ended up somewhere else), and not being able to interact with props like boxes or other material outside the human motion capture system (needing positional data from the props when the IGS-270 could only supply positional data). They had considered Vicon and Optitrack optical motion capture systems but the logistics of where the mocap needed to take place was ruled the optical motion capture systems out.


With the new Mocapsuit, research can now include tracking motion data from props of all types (using HTC-Vive trackers) and the prop data is collected in one data stream along with the fingers and body saving scientists from countless hours of mundane part of the motion capture data management process. But the main relief is how the Mocapsuit is always standing and walking where it is supposed to be.


“I didn’t know we get the Vive HMD (HTC-Vive Head Mounted Display) with the package,” said Fabio with an excited grin, putting the active (but left unused on the table) HMD over his face to see what’s there.

“I’ve just told him how their new Siemens Jack Plugin for the Mocapsuit will let him fully VR immerse in Jack environments,” said Ali Kord, the Mocapsuit developer who, was onsite for the installation visit. ‘Big boys, first time toys. Or maybe he is smiling about the big educational discount he demanded and received,’ he added.


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