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Our hybrid solutions kills drift at root giving you time to do more in the post production.

Robust HTC-Vive Space Integration


We have been using Vive trackers (single 'Puck' tracker around the coccyx) for killing drift for over 5 years and know when to use it and when to not.

Most of the time, especially when you are capturing  with fingers as well, you can get glorious results.

NO DRIFT! and if you have a good skeleton file as well: NO FOOT SLIDES!

You can seamlessly walk out of a Vive capture space and let inertial walking algorithms take over 'root' positioning and continue walking uninterrupted, combining the 2 modes.

All G5 Mocapsuits include a Vive plugin.

NOTE: The Vive system can also help with creating accurate skeleton files to help reduce or visibly eliminate foot slides.

In these videos you can see what it's like to stabilize the pelvis with an optical system. Of course, it gives the data a quality not seen in inertial-only systems.

Rosie Vive.png
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