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Synertial travel to Hong Kong Polytechnic University

15 June 2018

Synertial customers since 2011, Hong Kong Polytechnic institute, just received delivery and training for their G4 Opto-inertial Mocapsuit, and were trained in how to create the most accurate skeleton systems and how to take advantage of the Vive plugin to stop the system from drifting and attain solid footsteps. Then the newly learned skills were moved into live,realtime motionbuilder action which was what they University media center was after in the first place.

Mr Jack Cheung, the director for the information security labratory managed the training himself,  remains the champion of Synertial products and has set the wheels in motion to bring the art of the unity engine + Mocapsuit to his department. He admits it was a hard sell to his superiors to buy yet another mocap system when they already had one, but the idea of an upgrade to a new cutting edge opto-inertial technology made it all possible.

Synertial | The Hong Kong polytechnic university