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G5 Sports Mocapsuit 

A suit you can be more active in:

  • New for 2020: sports edition motion capture suit.

  • 27 years of Synertial tech at a new affordable price.

  • Industry leading motion capture accuracy.

  • Super-stretchy material ideal for intensive exercise.

  • Sync multiple suits in one HTC VIVE space.

  • Wash with sensors attached.

  • Transmits via Bluetooth or WiFi at 180Hz.

  • Zero drift motion capture with HTC VIVE plug in.

Motion capture for athletes

  • Synertial have partnered with smart clothing manufacturer Ai-Q to proudly present the new G5 Sports Mocapsuit


  • The sports edition is specifically designed for physical exertion, making it ideal for sports movement analysis. 


  • Up to 24 washable micro-sensors can be embedded in the super-flexible second-skin.


  • The system allows for multiple suits to be tracked simultaneously, with zero drift. 


  • Flawless motion capture data enables easy comparison of athletic performances. 

  • Sports Data  The G5 Sports Mocapsuit supports data capture during intense sports activity.

  • Designed for athletics  Hi-tech stretchy fabrics and fast-tracking sensors. Ideal for sports.

  • Washable with built-in sensors  No need to remove sensors when washing

  • Joint And Segment  Data export either way for advanced analysis  

  • Personalised skeletons - Mocapsuit skeleton tune-up tools combined together for the Sports Edition

  • Heart rate data  Record heart rate in sync with motion data (Optional)

  • Tailored graphs  Live and recorded data mapped onto tailored graphs, for motion or timing comparisons

  • Always @ 180 FPS  Standard capture at 180 FPS

  • SD Card Recording  Power permitting, calibrated data collection for 200 hours on the run

  • Pincers Included  Thumb, index and middle fingers have own sensors, pinky and ring interpolated

  • Opto-Inertial Solution  Optical tracking for pelvis and/or hands and inertial mocap for the body segments

  • Instant Calibration  Needs only 2 poses and keystrokes for a 3-second calibration

  • Data Transmission  Bluetooth/WiFi at 180 Hz

  • Vive-Hybrid ready  Ships with HTC-Vive plugin

  • High-end Finger Mocap ready  Option to expand finger motion capture to 13 or 16-sensor gloves

  • Multiple players  Simultaneously capture zero drift movement data from multiple athletes

  • Many sizes for best fit  'Second-skin’ fit for perfect comfort and super-accurate data collection

  • Smart Fabrics  with embedded sensors, make it possible for accuracy and comfort to co-exist.