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No-Drift Opto-inertial Hybrid

A suit you can be more active in:

  • New for 2019: sports edition motion capture suit.

  • 25 years of Synertial tech at a new affordable price.

  • Industry leading motion capture accuracy.

  • Super-stretchy material ideal for intensive exercise.

  • Sync multiple suits in one HTC VIVE space.

  • Wash with sensors attached.

  • Transmits via Bluetooth or WiFi at 180Hz.

  • Zero drift motion capture with HTC VIVE plug in.

G4 Mocapsuit SE 

Sports Edition

Motion capture for athletes

Synertial have partnered with smart clothing manufacturer Ai-Q to proudly present the new G4 Mocapsuit SE

(sports edition).


The sports edition is specifically designed for physical exertion, making it ideal for sports movement analysis. 


Up to 24 washable micro-sensors can be embedded in the super-flexible second-skin.


The system allows for multiple suits to be tracked simultaneously, with zero drift. 


Flawless motion capture data enables easy comparison of athletic performances. 

Sports Data  The G4 Mocapsuit SE supports data capture during intense sports activity.

Designed for athletics  Hi-tech stretchy fabrics and fast-tracking sensors. Ideal for sports.

Washable with built-in sensors  No need to remove sensors when washing

Joint And Segment  Data export either way for advanced analysis  

Personalised skeletons  Mocapsuit skeleton tune-up tools combined together for the Sports Edition

Heart rate data  Record heart rate in sync with motion data (Optional)

Tailored graphs  Live and recorded data mapped onto tailored graphs, for motion or timing comparisons

Always @ 180 FPS  Standard capture at 180 FPS

SD Card Recording  Power permitting, calibrated data collection for 200 hours on the run

Pincers Included  Thumb, index and middle fingers have own sensors, pinky and ring interpolated

Opto-Inertial Solution  Optical tracking for pelvis and/or hands and inertial mocap for the body segments

Instant Calibration  Needs only 2 poses and keystrokes for a 3-second calibration

Data Transmission  Bluetooth/WiFi at 180 Hz

Vive-Hybrid ready  Ships with HTC-Vive plugin

High-end Finger Mocap ready  Option to expand finger motion capture to 13 or 16-sensor gloves

Multiple players  Simultaneously capture zero drift movement data from multiple athletes

Many sizes for best fit  'Second-skin’ fit for perfect comfort and super-accurate data collection

Smart Fabrics  with embedded sensors, make it possible for accuracy and comfort to co-exist.


G4 Mocapsuit SE Datasheet 2019