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G4 MOCAPSUIT The First Ever Opto-inertial Mocapsuit Perfecting Over 2 Decades Of Mocap Technology

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G4 Mocap Suit gets global coordinates measured with Vive tech & local rotational data using AiQ Synertial's inertial know how


With more than two decades perfecting inertial motion capture technology, AiQ Synertial is excited to offer the first ever Opto-inertial Mocapsuit that gets it's global coordinates measured with Vive Lighthouse technology and it's local rotational data using AiQ Synertial's inertial know how. See the videos below for examples of Vive integration with the G4 Mocapsuit.

G4 Mo-cap suit - Slap-on The Wireless Vive 'Puck' Anywhere & Use Additional 'Pucks' For Robust Sitting / Reclining


• First ever wearable sensor suit with no root drift
• Everything measured, no guesstimations
• Best in Class Cobra Gloves for fingers (7, 13, 16)
• Slap-on the Wireless Vive ‘Puck’ anywhere
• One keystroke to calibrate Vive & suit together
• Use additional ‘Pucks’ for robust sitting/reclining
• Use trackers to refine subject’s base skeleton
• Walk in and out of the Vive space of 40 m2
• Restart HW & WiFi in 3 seconds
• Sockets and sensors included for props
• Include other Vive trackers in Synertial captures
• Up to 55 IMUs @ 240fps,10 trackers, & sync HW
• Mobu Unity Unreal PSH/Jack SDK SynSync VRPN

G4 Mocapsuit - Modify Skeletons Or Create Unique Ones. Change Calibration Poses. Create Local Coordinate System For Any Joint
G4 Mocapsuit - Sync Synertial Sensors & Vive Trackers Thru HW To Blade Or Motive. Frame Rates Up To 1000 FPS (29.97 standard)


• Modify skeletons or create unique ones
• Change calibration poses
• Create local coordinate system for any joint
• Axis-separated inter(extra)polation for any bone
• Create a tracker node anywhere on the skeleton
• Edit skeleton parameters in post
• SynDash kinematics & capture management SW


• Revolutionary ‘Chaps’ pants: easy ingress/egress, no stretch artefacts, comfortable to leave on
• Thin soft top, adjustable sensor pads, comfortable to leave on, easy sensor access & replacement
• Solo operation, quick Vive & suit setup, ready to go when SteamVR is running


• Sync Synertial sensors and Vive trackers thru HW to Blade or Motive
• Jammed timestamps on every frame
• Frame rates of up to 1000 FPS (29.97 standard)
• Jam-Sync once or twice per session
• Start and stop triggers from inside Blade or Motive
• Use optical generated bvh to create perfect Mocapsuit skeleton
• Synertial sensors synced, with or without Vive trackers

 What's In the G4 Mocapsuit case - Suit & Glove electronics & cloth (2 sizes), wireless processing hub, Spare sensors & more!


  • Suit & Glove electronics

  • Wireless processing hub

  • Spare sensors

  • Suit & Glove cloth (2 sizes)

  • WiFi Access Point

  • Basic capture SW and Diagnostic & setup SW

  • Batteries & charger

  • Carrying case 40x 60 x 20

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