G4 MOCAPSUIT The First Ever Opto-inertial Mocapsuit Perfecting Over 2 Decades Of Mocap Technology

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G4 Mocap Suit gets global coordinates measured with Vive tech & local rotational data using AiQ Synertial's inertial know how


With more than two decades perfecting inertial motion capture technology, AiQ Synertial is excited to offer the first ever Opto-inertial Mocapsuit that gets it's global coordinates measured with Vive Lighthouse technology and it's local rotational data using AiQ Synertial's inertial know how.

G4 Mo-cap suit - Slap-on The Wireless Vive 'Puck' Anywhere & Use Additional 'Pucks' For Robust Sitting / Reclining


• First ever wearable sensor suit with no root drift
• Everything measured, no guesstimations
• Best in Class Cobra Gloves for fingers (7, 13, 16)
• Slap-on the Wireless Vive ‘Puck’ anywhere
• One keystroke to calibrate Vive & suit together
• Use additional ‘Pucks’ for robust sitting/reclining
• Use trackers to refine subject’s base skeleton
• Walk in and out of the Vive space of 40 m2
• Restart HW & WiFi in 3 seconds
• Sockets and sensors included for props
• Include other Vive trackers in Synertial captures
• Up to 55 IMUs @ 240fps,10 trackers, & sync HW
• Mobu Unity Unreal PSH/Jack SDK SynSync VRPN

G4 Mocapsuit - Modify Skeletons Or Create Unique Ones. Change Calibration Poses. Create Local Coordinate System For Any Joint


• Modify skeletons or create unique ones
• Change calibration poses
• Create local coordinate system for any joint
• Axis-separated inter(extra)polation for any bone
• Create a tracker node anywhere on the skeleton
• Edit skeleton parameters in post
• SynDash kinematics & capture management SW


• Revolutionary ‘Chaps’ pants: easy ingress/egress, no stretch artefacts, comfortable to leave on
• Thin soft top, adjustable sensor pads, comfortable to leave on, easy sensor access & replacement
• Solo operation, quick Vive & suit setup, ready to go when SteamVR is running

G4 Mocapsuit - Sync Synertial Sensors & Vive Trackers Thru HW To Blade Or Motive. Frame Rates Up To 1000 FPS (29.97 standard)


• Sync Synertial sensors and Vive trackers thru HW to Blade or Motive
• Jammed timestamps on every frame
• Frame rates of up to 1000 FPS (29.97 standard)
• Jam-Sync once or twice per session
• Start and stop triggers from inside Blade or Motive
• Use optical generated bvh to create perfect Mocapsuit skeleton
• Synertial sensors synced, with or without Vive trackers


• Up to 240 HW fps; 120 standard
• AA Batteries, 5vDC wall adapter or power bank
• Separate sync HW up to 1000 FPS (Standard 29.97 FPS), drawing power from main hub
• Access-point agnostic WIFI
• Multiple PCs can run the same HW
• 12.8cm x 7.8cm x 2cm with locking connectors

 What's In the G4 Mocapsuit case - Suit & Glove electronics & cloth (2 sizes), wireless processing hub, Spare sensors & more!


  • Suit & Glove electronics

  • Wireless processing hub

  • Spare sensors

  • Suit & Glove cloth (2 sizes)

  • WiFi Access Point

  • Basic capture SW and Diagnostic & setup SW

  • Batteries & charger

  • Carrying case 40x 60 x 20