Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the G4 and the G5 system?

The G4 is our premium system that includes the Mocapsuit and the Cobra Gloves. It includes many high-end features like Magnetic Interference Compensation (MIC), open kinematics, and custom calibration to function smoothly in Clunky and noisy environments. The G5 system is our latest system that includes the Mocapsuit Sports Edition and the EXO GLOVE. The Mocapsuit SE is made exclusively for Siemens Jack and sports analysis hence comes with its own custom sports graph mode that is compliant with International Society of Biomechanics Joint Coordinate System (ISB JCS), and the Exo Glove is made exclusively for Siemens PSH-VR and offers features like collision detection, object interaction, and object grab easily. Overall, the G5 is a simple version of the G4 within a template and is aimed at professionals that want to capture data and move to post production.

What is the difference between the Cobra Gloves and the Exo gloves?

The G4 Cobra Gloves is our high-end finger capture system that comes in the wired and WiFi variants with 7, 13 and 16-sensors per glove. It comes with G4 features like, Custom calibration and open kinematics. This is used for high-end research data capture. The G5 Exo Glove is our easy to use 8-sensor gloves where the 8th sensor can be used interchangeably as a second thumb sensor or wrist sensor. It comes with pre-created templates and an app to capture the data. Both the gloves can take on Vive on the forearm making the gloves 6DoF.

Do you offer a pair of gloves?

Both the Cobra Gloves and the Exo Gloves are available in single units and pairs.

What is the difference between a Syndash and a SynShow?

Both SynDash and SynShow are software that come with our suit and gloves. SynDash is the digital Dashboard that allows the user to capture the data (including real-time) and use exclusive AiQS features like Skeleton Editing, AutoCal, etc. Synshow is a sensor diagnostics software that reports sensor health while calibration and during data capture.

What is the operational range on the systems?

The G4 and G5 both are available in WiFi variants hence the operational range of these can be extended via a meshnet.

Can the suit be carried around?

The Mocapsuit is a Wifi system and Mocapsuit SE is a wifi and bluetooth system pack in a briefcase with all the basic accessories for use. This makes it easy to travel with.

How does the Training affect during Covid-19?

Training is done online via Skype and Zoom however, in the case that the client needs onsite training, it will be scheduled keeping in mind any lockdown, travel restrictions, and post-arrival quarantine.

Can the warranty be extended?

The system comes with a basic warranty of 12-months from purchase however, the warranty can be extended to 24 and 36 months on purchase while placing the order.

Can I mix the G4 and the G5 systems together?

The G4 Mocapsuit is compatible with the 8-sensor Exo Gloves and the G5 Mocapsuit SE is compatible with the 7-sensor Cobra Glove only.

Do you offer a Software developer’s kit?

Yes, the Synertial Software Developer’s Kit is available for purchase.

What data formats are available?

The output data is provided in BVH, FBX, and CSV (for positionals)

Do you offer wireless gloves?

Yes, the Cobra Glove’s wired and wifi versions are available, and the Exo Glove’s wired, Wifi and Bluetooth versions are available.

What is the power source of the system?

The system is powered with a regular power bank or 4 AA batteries that sleekly sits on the wait of the user in the suit.

Is the system compatible with VR gears?

Yes, our system is compatible with HTC Vive. It can be used with the system in Real-Time with the Vive Plugin.

How is Post-purchase support provided?

Post purchase support is provided online via Skype or Zoom. A range of support package is available on purchase.

Can I upgrade to a higher end system in future?

Yes, you may upgrade to a higher-end system within 30 days of purchase or purchase the ‘Obsolescence warranty’ on purchase.

Do you offer a student discount?

10 % Academic discount available to all university members however, it is not valid on discounted products.

What is the difference between Animazoo, Synertial, and AiQ Synertial?

Animazoo and Synertial are the same companies and AiQ- Synertial is the result of the partnership between AiQ Smart clothing and Synertial technologies. At the end, they are all the same organizations.

The journey of the premium Motion Capture Solution started in the year 1996 under the name of Animazoo with the Gypsy systems created by Ali Kord. Today, Synertial Technologies along with AiQ Smart clothing is at its 4th Generation Mocapsuit & Cobra Gloves, and 5th Generation Mocapsuit Sports Edition & Exo Glove. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions to give you a better understanding of what our systems and solutions are and how you can make the most of it for your project.