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Synertial's clients in this field are the biggest global names in medical, manufacturing and defense establishments.

Synertial's Industrial Clients

“Synertial was able to work with us to provide a motion capture system that can be used to capture actual workers on the production line, not just training simulations in the lab. Streaming real-time movement data into Siemens JACK saves Skoda time and money as we no longer require specialists to create JACK animations”. Peter Skorik: Former Project Lead at Skoda.


Siemens Jack (and PSH) is the Digital Factory gold standard for Human Factors Engineering (HFE) & ergonomics simulation products; Synertial's exact skeleton extraction and kinematics modelling systems allow the most accurate and seamless motion implementation available for the Jack package.

Synertial's motion capture suits are now fully compatible with Siemens JACK and PSH ergonomics human modelling software. Manufacturing companies in a variety of industries are addressing the ergonomic aspects of manual operations during early stages of product design and manufacturing planning, using Synertial's motion capture suits.

Magnetic Compensation Algorithms

New magnetic compensation algorithms in Synertial's operating software allows motion capture to take place in industrial or metallic environments, giving our inertial motion capture suits a distinct advantage over optical systems in manufacturing, as well as health and safety applications.

Synertial systems, when used with JACK or PSH, enable you to improve the safety, efficiency and comfort of the workplace environment using digital models.