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Matchless motion capture -  Affordable accuracy  - Peerless precision

- COBRA gloves are the supremely accurate, fast installing first choice for data collection, digital factory, robotics and high-end animation.


“27 years of research and all the finger mocap technology from Synertial’s market leading Cobra gloves has been packed into the Cobra VR glove for HTC VIVE®”

 - Ali Kord, Creator.


COBRA - 7, 13 or 16 Sensor Motion Capture Gloves

  • Stand-alone, bundled with a suit, or multiple pairs for use with optical rigs

  • Self-calibrating sensors adapt to magnetic environments

  • User-configured kinematic structures

  • Instant calibration (configurable calibration poses)

  • Replace batteries and continue capturing where you left off without SW restart or recalibration in MoBu, Unity, etc.

  • Occlusion free

  • Extremely accurate clock in the sync system for Optical rig integration (Vicon, Motion Analysis, Optitrack)

  • RealTime in Motionbuilder, Unity, Unreal, and Siemens Jack

  • Free user-friendly SDK and samples included with MoCap SW

  • Detachable electronics; change sizes in minutes

  • Short and long-fingered glove cloth types available

7-Sensor  Gloves: Our 7-sensor gloves use interpolation to approximate the untracked finger joints on all but 7 phalanges, which use IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors; the 7th sensor is for the palm. The 7-sensor gloves are the state of the art in axis-scaling technology, which is proprietary to Synertial.  The reason no one has succeeded in providing a usable 7-sensor glove, is that no one has been able to scale individual axis of a sensor before (they can only scale the whole sensors or nothing). Our gloves not only interpolate each axis independently, but they also allow the user to modify its rate for a perfect fit (not hard-coded).

13-Sensor Gloves: Our 13-sensor gloves only leave the finger tips (distal phalanges) for interpolation.  The 13-Sensor glove is an all-arounder, satisfying most applications, except for when the application of force to the fingertips disrupts natural interpolation values, as tendons are forced backward.

16-Sensor Gloves: All pure data except for the pinky fingertip.

Optional Lower Arm and Upper Arm Sensors: As many glove applications require arm data.


What's Unique?​​

  • Change glove sizes in minutes, detachable electronics

  • Ambidextrous glove electronics, use as left or right glove

  • Pinky and ring metacarpal sensors (Palm Flex)

  • Auto finger measurement system

  • Unique Calibration Jigs

  • Editing of takes with skeleton-modification

  • User scaling of skeletal motion per each axis

  • User-modified calibration poses

Revolutionary Palm Flex Sensors​​​

Our 13 and 16-sensor finger motion capture gloves now include an additional palm-flex sensor for greater positional accuracy of base and tips of fingers. No other motion capture gloves provide such a thorough measurement of palm-flex.Better palm-flex measurements are one of many ways Synertial's IGS gloves outperform any existing finger motion capture gloves,


“Cobra gloves look much more attractive.

The thin material helps achieve natural movement.”

- Damian Duldo, Digital Manufacturing Manager, Virtuity.

Perfect Sync with Optical Rigs​

  • Synertial's best-in-class finger capture solutions were designed specifically for Vicon's Blade and Optitrack's Motive software in mind:

  • Occlusion-free finger capture: Fingers are almost always occluded during multi-person optical takes; Our Optinertial mocap gloves provide pre-solved hand and finger data that is perfectly synchronized with the optical data.

  • Glove Combinations: Intermix pairs of  7, 13, and 16-sensor gloves as needed

  • KINEXACT HAND: Use Kinexact-Hand software for exact performer hand-skeleton measurements

  • Instant Calibration: Synertial's Calibration Mittens place hands into the optimum posture during instant calibration 

  • 4 Pairs on 1 PC: Manage up to four pairs of gloves per PC

  • Device Driver: All glove pairs controlled by a single device driver in MoBu

  • Sync Software: Separate sync HW powered by processing hub (no additional sync power needed)

  • Jam-Sync: Low-drift sync HW (jam-sync once or twice per session)

  • From Inside Blade or Motive: Start and stop glove takes triggered from inside Blade or Motive

  • Frame Time-Stamps: Precise frame time-stamps down to 1/100 of a sec and up 1000 FPS (29.97 standard)

  • Automatic Naming of Takes: Glove-takes automatically share the same name with the corresponding optical names)

  • Hot-Swappable Batteries: Change batteries without needing to restart or recalibrate


Synertial's Calibration Pipeline

  • Key components for exacting IMU system calibration:

  • Measurement: Correct measurement of finger bone length, almost impossible to determine manually, and

  • Structure: Exact matching of the geometric structure of an actor's skeleton to the geometric structure pre-configured in the matching calibration file, at the instance of initialization.


Phalanx Length Measurement​

  • Synertial has a tool to provide automated length measurement of phalanges: KINEXACT-HAND. Kinexact uses a hand scan to output a MoBu or a Synertial-based format skeleton file with correct joint positions and angles.


User and Calibration File Matching at Initialization

  • The second key component to precise calibration is to hold the user's segments in the same pose as the pre-configured calibration file for the initialization process.

  • In theory, once the two are identical (in addition to accurate phalanx lengths), the streaming process can begin accurately.

  • This matching of the two poses consistently is practically impossible without a mechanism to hold the user's finger-skeleton in such a pose.  Hence Synertial has developed calibration jigs, Synertial's Patent-Pending Calibration Jig, which forces the user's hands to match a pre-configured template.

  • In addition to the Synertial's Calibration Jig locking in the required hand-pose locally, the actor uses the spirit levels on the Jig to orient the hands globally in reference to gravity, to provide sub-degree accuracy in initialization.

  • These tools help professionals count on repeatable and precise calibrations, taking the guess-work out of successful initialization processes.

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