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Blackout Games has incorporated Synertial Hybrid Mocap

15th December 2017

The young and vibrant, yet a 10-year veteran of Manager Game genre, Blackout Games in Hamilton, New Zealand, have incorporated Synertial’s Mocapsuit into their pipeline, with its revolutionary ‘No-Drift’ pelvis tracking, equipped with Cobra Gloves, to mocap rugby and cricket motions for their online sports platform.

Since the hybrid opto-inertial system, as well as the gloves, all run on a single stream (one plugin), Blackout’s team can spend more time on building manager games and less on making sure gloves, bodysuit and optical trackers run smoothly as 3 separate and individual mocap systems, with possibly 3 sets of plugins.

Blackout’s requirement was ‘an accurate’ inertial suit that didn’t drift when used indoors under the Vive system, but also worked well outdoors (allowing some drift).

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