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Synertial installs multiple systems at Ergotech, South Africa's leading defence R&D organization.

30th May 2018

Synertial has just completed installing multiple Mocapsuits as well separate Cobra gloves at Ergotech, an Armscor subsidiary, South African Defence Department's main acquisition agency..


The Synertial systems installed this week at Ergotech, will be used in conjunction with Siemens PLM software. Mocapsuits will be used to analyse human factors of various maneuvers performed by operators of machinery in and out of combat, as well as designing new maneuvers and modus operandi that needs to be designed and analysed for new maneuvers.


Ergotech is the first organization to purchase Synertial's full Magnetic Disturbance Compensation system which will be a must when using the system inside heavily armoured vehicles.


Synertial's Cobra gloves, the most accurate finger motion capture gloves in the world, will be used, amongst other roles, in a 'Disembodied Hands' configuration to assess and validate designs as well as assembly and manufacturing processes in virtual environments. They are also used to assess speed and mannerisms on maneuvers which depend on finger dexterity.


Ergotech and Synertial have agreed on a long term support and continued training exercise which will guarantee them to put the Synertial systems to full use for the foreseeable future.

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