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Movement Science

The accuracy of inertial motion capture suits from Synertial opens up a variety of possibilities for academics and professionals involved in movement science.

Applications include enhancing sports performance, physical rehabilitation, medical research and development.

“We tested a variety of IMU motion capture systems and were well aware that every system has pros and cons, but Synertial knew how to deal with and overcome any issues we identified. Aside from the data accuracy, one of the most attractive features of the IGS-180 was its adaptability in the field, and Synertial understood how to get the system to meet our needs. Synertial’s efforts to modify the system to fulfil our requirements helped to take the project from a potentially feasible study towards a robust research project”.

- Dr. Christian Duval ; Universite du Quebec a Montreal


Synertial IGS motion capture systems are light weight, fully portable and will not restrict your subject’s movement, allowing you to take your capture session out of the lab and into everyday environments. All data is collected Raw from the IMUs providing 3D orientation, 3D acceleration, 3D rate of turn (gyro rate), 3D earth magnetic field, Quaternion, and Euler angles; and data fused with Synertial Kinematics algorithms in a .bvh format. With a variety of products of different configurations and IMU fidelity, Synertial IGS systems are a great addition to Biomechanical Studies.

Key Products:-

IGS Mini
IGS 180 (with Bio MPU)
IGS 180i

​Key Features:-

  • ​Small light weight IMU’s (5.07cm x 1.45cm x 0.92cm 11.2gram)
  • Large capture area of 50m + via WiFi
  • ​No Occlusion – capture in places optical systems can not
  • ​Data export in Raw or Fused Algorithm format
  • Synertial IGS Bio-Mech Analysis software


Synertial’s inertial systems have a significant advantage over optical systems as they do not suffer from occlusion or line of sight problems. The resulting clean, highly detailed motion capture data gives you valuable information about the relationshp between the human subject and the test object.

Synertial are able to offer an integrated approach to enhance products and production engineering processes. Our motion capture suits offer an evolution in the digital factory concept.

The IGS-Biomech OS contains a number of features designed to aid ergonomic studies, such as the video below showing a real-time joint angle bar graph display of someone entering a car. This feature provides a real-time indication when maximum joint angle limits are reached for a particular movement.

For more information reagrding the IGS-Biomech OS please contact .

Rehab Medical

Synertial’s motion capture systems help during rehabilitation and recovery from adverse events impairing the patient mobility. Motion capture data can assess the effectiveness of prosthetic implants and aid in developing improvements.

Motion capture systems take an important role in serious medical applications helping health care professionals understand nuances of human motion. The accuracy of the data enables Synertial systems to be used in medical research facilities all over the world.


Motion tracking data is analysed by professional sport coaches to improve movement capabilities and techniques of participants in sports such as: golf, tennis, football and baseball. It can be learned to refine techniques and can provide a critical edge at the highest level.

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