Based in Brighton, UK Synertial’s head office contains both administrative and manufacturing departments. All Synertial motion capture systems are assembled and tested by UK qualified engineers ensuring quality and performance.

20+ Years of Experience

Formerly known as Animazoo, Synertial has been setting industry firsts for 20 years. The award winning Gypsy 7 range of electromechanical systems introduced the world to portable, occlusion free, camera-less motion capture in the early 90′s. Synertial has pioneered the use of micro IMU’s in motion capture and in 2013 launched the IGS Glove – the world’s first IMU based hand and finger tracking system.

Synertial’s R&D team continue to develop new and innovative products that will shape the future of motion capture technology.


750+ Clients

As of January 2012 Synertial has a client base of over 750 companies using our award winning motion capture systems. This means that by choosing a Synertial system you are joining customers like Ubisoft, Skoda, Hyundai, Ford and UQAM.

50+ Countries

With systems in over 50 countries and distributors across every continent, purchasing a Synertial system has never been easier.

Synertial has its Head office in Brighton on the south coast of the United Kingdom. Our USA office was recently opened to provide sales and support to our growing US customer base. Synertial systems ship world wide Ex Works from Brighton, UK.

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